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Name Change Information

Answers to the most common name change questions

How does name change work?

There's two parts to changing names, first, you need to get a legal document that proves your old and new names. Then you must inform government departments and other organisations and get all your records changed into your new name. We can help notify organisations of your new name, cutting out hours of research and waiting on hold.

What proof do I need?

The document used to prove your new name will be your marriage, divorce or a legal name change certificate. We can supply the application forms as part of our kits. Follow the links for more information on how to get and use these documents.

How do I update my ID, accounts and other records?

Once you have your name change document, it's up to you to get all your records, ID and memberships moved into your new name. It's recommended you get this all done at the same time as complications may arise if you have different names. All Australians need to change names with Medicare, the ATO, the AEC, plus driver's licenses and passports.

Need more information?

Name change for non-citizens, certified documents, living between 2 countries and more - check our articles to the right. We have heaps of free and hard to find information covering all aspects of name change.

Ready to change names now?

Got all the info you need? Then either apply for your certificate or start updating all your records. Our kit provides all the information you need to change names. We guarantee you'll save hours or your money back.