Ordering Your BC Marriage Certificate

Ordering Your BC Marriage Certificate

Ordering Your BC Marriage Certificate

An original marriage certificate is essential when changing names. It's the only proof you need of your new name. Show your original certificate when applying for updated photo ID and when changing names on your BC CareCard or bank account. Religious certificates and commemorative certificates are not always accepted by government agencies. Once your marriage has been solemnised, the person conducting the ceremony will file your completed marriage license with the state. Vital Statistics take up to 2 weeks to register marriages and will automatically send out one certificate to the address used when filing for the wedding licence. 

Either party to the marriage can order additional copies of their marriage certificate at any time directly from the office of Vital Statistics. Apply online via the BC Vital Statistics website or by mail using the ‘Application for a Marriage Certificate’ form, accessible via the link below. Marriage certificate fees are payable directly to BC Vital Stats and payment information is on the last page of the form.


Ready to start changing names?

Change names on your BC CareCard first. Once this has been updated you can then change names on your BC driver's licence. ICBC will match the name on your driver's licence with what is on file with MSP.

There is no automatic updating of your name, so you need to apply directly to every organization where you hold and account, membership or record. You will be required to send off a range forms, letters and emails and may need to send proof of your name change; a photocopy or certified copy of your marriage certificate or updated photo ID. Get ready to send forms, letters and emails for over 700 Canadian organizations, complete with filing instructions. It only takes 10 minutes!


A marriage certificate is the only document needed as proof of your new name. You must have an original certificate issued from Vital Statistics to start changing names. A certificate is automatically sent 3 weeks after your wedding.

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