Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Changing Names after Marriage in BC

Marriage is the most common reason for changing names. In BC either spouse may take the other's surname after marriage or keep their own. 

A double barrelled surname is where you add your spouse’s surname to your own, separated with either a space or hyphen. Surnames can appear in either order. BC provincial authorities do NOT allow a double barrelled surname. The only way to get your ID and records consistently under one name is by filing a legal name change with BC Vital Statistics.

Get your marriage certificate

The only proof you need to start changing names is your BC marriage certificate, issued by Vital Statistics. A marriage certificate is automatically posted to the couple 3 weeks after their wedding. The certificate is sent to the address provided when applying for your wedding licence. If you require a replacement certificate or additional copies you may order at any time from BC Vital Statistics. We can provide the application form via the button below.


Ready to start changing names?

Start by updating the name on your BC CareCard online. Once you have proof your name has been changed with MSP you can go onto change your driver's license in person. Next, you may have 20 to 30 organizations to notify - save hours contacting each one to learn which process to follow and what to send where. We provide ready to send send name change notifications in just 10 minutes. Get the correct form, letter or email for every company- no guess work, no unnecessary waiting on hold!


BC allows brides fewer choices for marriage name change. We explain your options and how to get all your records updated after you get married.

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