Using Both Maiden and Married Names

Using Both Maiden and Married Names

Using Both Maiden and Married Names

By the time many of us are married we've built a great career and reputation - we and may even have our business linked to our birth name. Taking your partner's name may not be decision taken lightly!

Did you know taking your spouse's surname is not a legal name change? Your married surname is known as an assumed name. Organizations will allow anyone to assume their spouse's surname by simply presenting their wedding certificate. There is no legal name change and you don't need to get your birth certificate updated. This means that your former name is still legally yours - you can use it at any time and for any reason, regardless if you are married, separated or divorced.

This means you can till go ahead and change the name on your passport, driver’s licence and all other documents to your spouse's surname whilst still being known everywhere by your birth name. Conversely, you may leave all your identification and accounts in your birthname but ask people to call you by your married name.

Tips on being known by two names

If you end up having your identification and records under a different name from what you use, then watch out for a few common pitfalls:

  • Ensure your work books any international plane tickets under the name currently appearing in your passport
  • Advise payroll when your bank account details change
  • Ensure company pensions are updated into the correct name
  • Wills or insurance policies are still valid if they are issued in either name - that's because you can use both your married and birth names at any time
  • If you have a will, be sure to updated it as soon as your relationship status changes; marriage and divorce can void a will. If you've separated your will is still valid, and you may not want your partner to be a beneficiary in your estate.

Ready to start changing names?

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You can keep using your birth name while changing all your ID and records over to your spouse's surname. That's because a married name is only an assumed name. We explain the laws and some considerations so you don't get caught out.

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