How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

How to Order Your Marriage Certificate

Once you've been legally married the person conducting your marriage ceremony files the signed marriage licence with the Vital Statistics office in your province. The Vital Statistics offices always keep your marriage licence on file as legal proof of your marriage. Couples married in BC automatically receive a marriage certificate about 3 weeks after their wedding. If you were married in any other province apply to your provincial service office or Vital Statistics for a marriage certificate.

A marriage certificate is different from a record of solemnization, which you may have received on your wedding day. Marriage certificates are essential when changing names and may also be required for insurance or any other situation where you need to legally prove your relationship. Many organizations will insist on a marriage certificate issued by Vital Stats or a Canadian court instead of a religious certificate.

Marriage certificates are managed at a provincial level. Each provincial Vital Statistics office has their own forms, fees and ordering process. We can provide the marriage certificate application form and full instructions for your province via the button below.


Ready to use your new name?

There’s no official registration of your married name. Simply start using it! Where an organization requires proof you can usually show your marriage certificate. Some companies may instead request to see updated photo ID. Each company sets their own name change process and proof requirements, so you may have a number of letters, emails and special forms to send in. Get ready to send name change paperwork for your all your organizations in just 10 minutes. Just click the button below.



Marriage certificates are essential for changing names and a range of other functions. We explain how and where to apply for your Canadian marriage certificate.

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