How to Change Names in Newfoundland & Labrador

How to Change Names in Newfoundland & Labrador

How to Change Names in Newfoundland & Labrador

While most name changes are from marriage, you may be reverting to your former name or legally changing names. We explain the process for all types of name changes in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Newfoundland Marriage Name Change

There’s no registration of your new married name, just start using it! You’ll need to get in contact with all the necessary companies to get your identification and accounts updated. A few need to be visited in person, such as your NL driver’s license and most banks, and they need to sight your original marriage certificate. If you don’t have it download it from the button below. 


Update your records

Next, get your name changed on all your accounts, memberships and ID. Each company has a different procedure, they may have their own form or require a letter, email or something else. Don't waste hours on hold figuring out what to send where. Click the button below to get personalized and ready to send name change forms, letters and emails for hundreds of Canadian organizations.


Newfoundland divorce and reverting to prior name

You don't need to be divorced to revert to your prior name. No matter what your marital status you can be known by either your married or maiden name at any time. Simply start using your preferred name. To change all your accounts and records back to your former name you'll need to show a government issued document as proof of your name change. If you're divorced then show your divorce order if it lists your married and maiden names. Otherwise show it together with your marriage certificate. If you're not divorced you may show your marriage and birth certificates together. All documents must be issued by a government authority. If you need a replacement marriage certificate, click the link above in the marriage name change section.

Once you have your proof of name change simply attach it to our notifications and send! We provide ready to send forms, letters and emails in just 10 minutes. No calling around to figure out what to send where. Just click below to get started.


Newfoundland legal name change

All other name changes require a legal name change with Vital Statistics. You must be 19 years or older and have been residing in the province for at least 3 months prior to application. Apply directly to Vital Statistics for the form. A name changes application cost about $100 and includes a change of name certificate. If you were born in NL, you’ll receive an amended birth certificate. Either document is accepted throughout Canada as proof of your name change.

Once you have your name change certificate or amended birth certificate, you'll need to reach out to all the various companies and request your name is updated. Click the button below to get ready to send name change forms, letters and emails along with company specific name change procedures.


No matter if you change your name from marriage, reverting to your prior name or legally change names, we can help get your records updated. Choose who to notify of your new name from our database of over 700 Canadian organizations.

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