Ontario Driver's License Name Change

Ontario Driver's License Name Change

Ontario Driver's License Name Change

Make sure your Ontario driver's license is on the of the first documents updated when changing names as some companies, including Passports Canada, require updated ID before changing your name on other records. 

Simply visit any Service Ontario office with your current driver’s licence and your original certificate (marriage certificate, legal name change certificate, amended birth certificate or divorce decree and marriage certificate). No appointment is necessary, but to avoid longer waits avoid lunch time and Friday afternoons. You can have the name on your ON health card changed at the same time.

Need to change names in other places?

There's probably another 20 to 30 places you need to notify: utilities, phone, insurance, SIN, Canada Revenue, loyalty clubs, online accounts, professional organisations and more. Phew! Don't stress - you don't need to contact each company to learn what to send where. We've done it all for you. Easy Name Change provides ready to send name change forms, letters and emails. Just sign and send!


There’s no fee to change names on your Ontario driver’s license. Just take these documents to any Service Ontario location. Need to change names in other places? Get forms for insurance, loyalty clubs, credit cards, banks and more.

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