Changing Names in Your Passport

Changing Names in Your Passport

Changing Names in Your Passport

Marriage or reverting to prior name in passport

If you've recently married or want to go back to the name you had before you were married you may want to update your passport. You can choose to change the name on your passport now or continue using the passport as it currently is, even if you have changed names everywhere else. This is because a married name is an assumed name. You're legally entitled to be known by either your birth or married names at any time, regardless of your personal situation. 

No credit is given for time remaining in your current passport. You'll need to complete a new passport application form. You are unable to use the passport renewal process. There's no credit given for any time remaining in your passport, which is why some people choose to run out their passport rather than apply for a new one. 

Passports Canada recommends changing names in your passport at the same time as your other documents. This is because you will be less likely to have issues or delays when proving your identity.


Legal name change in passport

Anyone legally changing names must apply for an updated passport immediately. There is no credit given for unused time remaining in your current passport. To apply for a replacement passport, follow the process below.

How to change names in your passport

Anyone changing names should complete the adult application form - you are unable to use the renewal process. You can complete the application online on the Passport Canada website or download the form via the link below.

At the time or writing a 5 year passport costs $120 and A 10 year passport costs $160. Read the application form in detail for information about photos, guarantor, fees and more.



Changing your name in other places

Click the button below to access comprehensive name change procedures for over 600 Canadian organizations. We'll also send any special name change forms, letters and faxes required by your nominated companies.


You don't have to change names in your passport after marriage or divorce. There's no refund for time remaining, so you can keep using a passport in your married name even if you've changed names everywhere else. If you've legally changed names your passport must be updated. 

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