Social Insurance Number Name Change

Social Insurance Number Name Change

Social Insurance Number Name Change

It is now easier than ever to update your existing SIN: apply online, mail in the form or apply in person at a Service Canada location.

Just because your name is updated on your SIN does not mean that your driver's license, health card, CRA, banks, or any other record changes. You must contact each organization directly to learn their process, request the form or else send in a letter or email. Easy Name Change can process all your name change paperwork from over 750 organizations in just 10 minutes! Click here to get started.


The easiest way to update your name with SIN is online as you do not need to mail in original documents. Complete the SIN name change form online at the Canadian government website. Choose 'Social Insurance Number' from our database and we'll provide the link and full instructions. Be ready with digital copies of all the proof documents listed below.

In person

Check online to see the opening hours of your Service Canada office.  Use the online Service Request Form and scroll to the bottom and choose 'book an appointment. Be sure to take the original proof documents listed below with you.

By mail

Call Service Canada or search online for the form. Complete the form and mail it into Service Canada with original documents verifying your identity and proof of name change with your application. We strongly recommend using a traceable mail method and your documents will be returned in the same manner. 

What proof do I need?

You need to provide the same proof documents as if you are applying for a SIN for the first time. Refer to the form for the full list of acceptable documents. Provide;

  • One primary document; Canadian birth or citizenship certificate.
  • One secondary document; a valid, original government issued document that contains both your legal name and your date of birth (passport, provincial driver's license or ID card.)
  • Proof of address; A letter or document from any government authority, financial or educational institution
  • A supporting document that verifies your name change; your wedding certificate, legal name change certificate or both divorce decree and marriage certificate. 

Get the Social Insurance name change form as part of your kit. Simply select all the organizations where you need to update your name and receive ready to send letters, forms and emails. Simply attach the proof listed, sign and send! Save hours calling around, waiting on hold and figuring out what to send where. We have fully researched name change procedures and ready to send name change paperwork for over 700 Canadian companies. 

If your name change has been mostly complete and now you only need to change names with Social Insurance, then get the name change form directly from the Service Canada website. If you need to make a claim through Service Canada and have a different name recorded you can still go ahead and register your claim using the name currently on file with Service Canada. You may be asked to send through documents to support your identity and name change. 


It's imporant you keep the details on your SIN up to date. You'll need to notify SIN when you change names as a change to your name is not linked to other records.

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