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Name Change Information

Answers to the most common name change questions

How you change names will depend on your situation. If you want to take or remove your spouse's surname you need a marriage certificate. If you want a different name then you need a legal name change certificate from vital statistics. Once you have one of these documents, start updating all your accounts and records. We can provide you with the name change application form for a marriage or legal name change certificate. If you already have this, you're ready to get all the name change procedures for your companies, plus any corresponding name change paperwork.

Is my name officially recorded anywhere?

Your birth name is always yours to use, regardless of your marital situation. You can use your birth name at any time, no matter if you are married, divorced or somewhere in between. There's no official registration of your married name. You simply show companies your marriage certificate and your records are updated. If you have legally changed names your birth certificate is amended to show both your birth name and legal name. You can then only be known by your legal name.

How do I update my records?

No magical government agency automatically updates your name on all your identification and accounts. It's your responsibility to contact all the necessary organizations to advise your new name. Where companies need your name change in writing we supply the official name change forms for over 100 Canadian organisations, otherwise we provide you with a ready to send letter, email or fax. Not every company needs name changes advised in writing so we'll let you know what name change process to follow with all your companies.


We have heaps of hard to find name change information, such as name change for new Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents, Changing names with the CRA, Canadian Passports, on the electoral roll. We even have an awesome free downloadable name change checklist. Browse our useful articles to the right, or just click the table below to jump straight into changing names now.