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Legal Name Change Time and Cost

If your paperwork has been correctly completed a successful legal name change typically takes around 3 months from lodgment to approval. Once approved you should aim to have all your identification and accounts updated within 2 weeks.  If you chose to notify organizations of your new name yourself, you may need to set aside time over three or four days to do all the research and administration.  Easy Name Change can provide all the notification paperwork for hundreds of Florida and national organizations in just 15 minutes, saving you around 6 hours.

There are a number of costs involved when legally changing names.  All applicants loding their petition must pay a general filing fee of $401 to the Clerk of Circuit court.  This cost is set by the Florida Legislature and applies to all Florida courts.  If you are not reverting to a prior name you are required to submit fingerprints via an authorised agency.  This may cost between $50-$70. There are also recording ($10) and certification fees ($2) once successful. With adequate planning and preparation you should be able to manage your own application, but should you require private legal assistance the cost would increase substantially.

Anyone changing names, including divorcees and newlyweds, are all subject to the same fees for their records to be updated.  Should you need a new passport book, it will set you back $110, passport cards $30, and there is a $25 driver’s license replacement fee.  

The most cost efficient and time saving part in changing names will be an Easy Name Change kit.  We’ll save you around 6 hours of research and administration with our personalized kits.  We provide all the necessary forms, plus ready to send letters and faxes that are written in your name, list what to send to each organization and their mailing address.  In many cases you can just sign and send.


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