Deed Poll Organisations

Deed Poll Organisations

Deed Poll Organisations

Online deed poll organisations are becoming increasingly popular and are the most common ways for individuals to legally change names. Companies that specialise in deed polls have efficient systems in place to handle the administration of your deed. The deed poll company ensures the document you receive is legally compliant and is recognised by all UK organisations. Reputable deed poll organisations also keep thorough records so you can easily obtain a replacement certificate for a reasonable  fee should you ever lose your deed.  

After 10 years helping Britons changing names, we now recommend as the best online deed poll service. Their deeds are universally accepted by UK companies and they are competitively priced at under £12.

You can also shop around by Googling ‘Deed Poll’. Compare products, services and fees among the leading online organisations. Expect to pay between £15 - £35 for an online deed poll service. Several companies offer free deed polls which are also compliant, however may require a little more research on your end. It may be worth spending a few more pounds on an organisation with better customer service and follow support.

Once you have a deed poll, Easy Name Change can help you get all your records updated. Browse our database of companies free of charge and select which companies you need to change names with. Receive comprehensive name change instructions for each company and ready to send letters, forms and emails in minutes. 

There are several organisations who specialise in Deed Polls, and most provide an online service.  Here’s what to look for when shopping around for your deed.

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