How to Change Names After Divorce

How to Change Names After Divorce

How to Change Names After Divorce

What proof do I need?

If you're divorced it's super simple to go back to your former name. You'll be issued with a decree absolute once your divorce is finalised. Use this together with either your birth or marriage certificate, providing your married and former names are linked.

How do I get my name changed?

There's no registration of name changes, simply start using your former name at any time. This may be before you're divorced, immediatley after your divorce, or several years down the track. It's up to you to get all your identification, accounts and memberships changed into your former name. (cont...) 


How do I get all my records updated?

Start by getting government issued photo ID changed, such as your driver's licence or passport. Next, get your bank accounts changed over. Most banks and financiancal institutions require you to visit a branch in person so that your new signature can be witnessed and original documents sighted.

The onto all the other companies. On average, divorcees have 18 organisations to inform of their name change. The exact name change process varies between companies. Sometimes you'll need to return a special form, send a letter or email or visit a branch.

Ready to start changing names?

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You're stuck with a name you don’t want? Know what your options are to reclaim your former glory!

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