How to Change Names after Marriage

How to Change Names after Marriage

How to Change Names after Marriage

It’s relatively simple to change names after marriage. First, get your certificate, then update records into your new name. There is no special registration involved or paperwork to be filled out, simply start using your new name!

First, get your certificate

If you're adding your spouse's surname to yours, or taking our spouses name in place of yours, the only proof you need to get started is your marriage certificate. Order it from the registry office in the country where you were married. Certificates are usually available 2 weeks after your ceremony. Fees vary, but expect to pay around £11. Many organisations insist on a government issued certificate as it has some security features not present in a handwritten or religious certificate. (cont...)


It’s a good idea to get an extra copy as some organisations will want to see an original document. This way you can send out all your name change notifications at once rather than waiting for it to be returned which can drag out the process. 

Then update your records 

Only got a few companies to notify? Save money by doing this yourself. Download our checklist and make a list of all the organisations to contact. Set aside half a day to call each one and ask their name change procedure. Sometimes you will need to write a letter, an email or wait for a form to be delivered. This process is ideal if you only have your identification, bank records and around 3 other companies. If you have more companies it quickly becomes time consuming.

Or let us to it for you

If you have a number of companies to notify get all the procedures sent to you immediately. Browse our name change database for free, decide which companies you need procedures for, then receive comprehensive name change information from across 500 organisations. We also provide ready to send letters, emails and company specific name change forms.


It's quite simple to change names after marriage.  All you need is your marriage certificate and an Easy Name Change personalised kit.

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