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Marriage Name Change

  • Changing Name When Married Overseas

    You can still change names if married abroad. While not all organizations accept foreign marriage certificates, there is usually a way around it.  

  • Marriage Name Change Options

    It’s not always as black and white as your surname or your spouse's surname. You have a few more options.

  • Marriage Name Change for Non Citizens

    If you have the legal right to permanently reside in the USA you can change names here too. There's no special 'registration' of your new name, just starting using it! Use our ready to send notifications to update your records.

  • Get your marriage certificate

    Religious or government certificates are both accepted when changing names. We explain how order your marriage certificate and request extra copies.

  • Maiden to Middle Name

    It is possible to keep your maiden name as a middle name but you should first be aware of your state’s law. You may need to state this name when filing for your wedding license.

  • Update Your Passport After Marriage

    There's different forms to use depending when your passport was issued. Follow the links to download the form you need.

  • Social Security Marriage Name Change

    Here's how to change your name with the Social Security Administration once married. Download and file the SSA name change form as part of any kit. Once your name change is confirmed send off all other notifications.

  • Free Name Change Checklist

    Got a stack of places to change names and don't know where to start? Don't miss a single company with our checklist creator. Build your beautiful & unique checklist in under a minute. And yes, it's totally FREE! 

  • Name Change After Marriage

    All you need is your marriage certificate. Some places must be updated in person, some need you to send a request in writing. We explain what to send where.


Divorce Name Change

  • Divorce Name Change - Passport

    Make sure you ask for an order to restore your former name as part of your divorce proceedings then start changing names everywhere. Update the SSA first followed by the DMV, then go onto change names everywhere else.

  • Social Security Name Change From Divorce

    The SSA allows you to revert to your prior name after divorce. It's preferred you have an order restoring your former name or a divorce order listing both names. If not, you can show additional documents.

  • Separation Name Change

    Unlike changing names from marriage, reverting to your former name without being divorced can be complicated. It is possible but you may need to be persistent.

  • Name Change After Divorce

    If you’re divorced then you may already have all the documents needed to start changing names! Each company has a different process, but we'll help get your paperwork sorted in just minutes.

  • What documents do I need?

    Having a court issued name change order is the simplest way to change names. It's still possible to change names without this but the process can be tricky.


Legal Name Change

  • Changing a Child's Name

    This process is managed by your county court. We provide general information to get started on your child’s name change, but it's always best to contact your local court directly.

  • Legal Name Change Cost

    Legal name change petitions should be filed with your local court house. Turnaround times vary significantly by county and filing fees are set by your state.

  • Filing Name Change with Companies

    Once you have a court document you must then contact all the necessary companies to get your accounts and identification updated.

  • How to Legally Change Names

    You can be known by any name, but to get identification and records changed you need a court order. Fees and turn around vary significantly between states.

  • Name Change for Non Citizens

    If you’re legally entitled to reside in the USA you can change your name legally. We explain how.

  • Resources

    If you’ve decided to file a legal name change application with the court we’ve got some information to help you along the way.


Name Change Information

  • Facebook Name Change

    It’s simple to change your name on Facebook and should only take a few minutes. Follow these steps.

  • PayPal Name Change

    You can change names online once logged in. A change from marriage, divorce or legally will require a proof document to be uploaded.

  • Voter Registration Name Change

    Voter records are centralized, so you can change at either state or national level. We’ll provide your state’s form and procedures.

  • Passport Name Change

    There’s a number of different forms, so be sure to complete the correct one based on your name change situation.

  • Social Security Name Change

    Changing names on your social security card is a simple process, and it's free.

  • Driver's License Name Change

    Be prepared for a lengthy wait and pack a suitcase of documents. Many state DMV’s can make changing names a challenging process if you are not prepared.

  • Changing names while residing abroad

    The experience of changing names in your home country while residing abroad will be different for everyone as it depends on the policy from each of the organizations where you hold an account, record or membership.

  • IRS Name Change

    IRS don’t need to be notified of name changes as records are pulled from the SSA. However there are some other considerations.



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