About Us

About Us

About Us

Easy Name Change is a technology company specializing in name change. All development work and research is done in house. We have automated form checking software, so you can be sure you'll always get the latest form. We employ a team of research assistants who constantly check procedures, so you'll get the right information and document every time.

Easy Name Change LLC was established in USA in 2014. It follows the success of the Easy Name Change brand in the international markets of Australia (2008), Canada (2010) and the UK (2010).

Easy Name Change was conceived after learning about the complex administration when having to change names. Brides usually deal with over 20 organizations across 11 different industries, so there's the need for a name change system that spans all the necessary companies. Our CTO has been continually improving the technology since 2008 to bring users the best possible name change experience available anywhere worldwide.

Easy Name Change helps customers get their records updated into their new name. We provide comprehensive name change information for thousands of companies worldwide along with ready to send forms, letters, emails and faxes. Just sign & send! 

We're always trying to improve our service so please contact us with any comments, suggestions or gripes.


Easy Name Change often teams with marketing partners. When you arrive at our site from any other website, you become a customer of Easy Name Change and we offer you the same experience, customer service and terms, including our 60 day money back guarantee.

Media enquiries

Our Marketing Manager Genevieve Dennis is frequently quoted in international media. She has appeared on the Cyber Law & Business Report (webmaterradio.fm and iheartradio), ABC national radio, Breakfast with Red Symons, Melbourne's Sunday Age, Herald Sun, Melbourne MX magazine, Brisbane's Courier Mail and Sydney's Sunday Telegraph.

Please visit our Media page for more information.

Contact Us - Customer Service

Email: [email protected]

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Contact Us - Corporate

Easy Name Change LLC. Corporate inquiries only: 305 459 3124. We cannot assist with general customer service and name change queries on this number.

Easy Name Change LLC operates under licence from Wired Living Pty Ltd (AFT Dennis Settlement).

Easy Name Change helps customers get their records updated into their new name. We provide all the procedures along with ready to send forms, letters and emails. Just sign & send!