About Easy Name Change

Born in Australia in 2008, Easy Name Change became a US company in 2014. We operate internationally serving the USA, Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand. Easy Name Change LLC is a technology company that specializes in name change. We employ automated form checkers and have a team of research assistants to ensure customers get the latest form and correct procedure, every time.

Genevieve and Derrick form the management team. All development work is done in house under the the skilled direction of Derrick, who has been at the cutting edge of web development since the late 90's.

The Annual Name Change Survey

Approaching it's tenth year, the name change survey explores who is changing names and why. We can provide data and explain trends in marriage, divorce and legal name changes.

For all Media enquiries, please contact...

Genevieve Dennis, Marketing Manager

Tel: (305) 459 3124   |    E: gen -at-

Customers: This number is for media enquiries only. Customers must contact Easy Name Change by email or via the contact us page.

Press Releases

Saught after for name change commentary and insight around the world, we can help you with any enquiry.