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Thank you Genevieve this is fantastic. It’s only taken me 12 months to get this done due to all the research I did not have time for. You’ve made my life easier..


Easy Name Change – you guys rock! Thanks for literally saving me half a day. It was so easy! Am telling all my friends! Thx again!


Just wanted to say thanks SO much! Your website was easy to use and the letters provided made the whole name change process so much quicker and easier. What a buzz to find such a professional service who do exactly what they say they will! You guys are a godsend.


Thank you! I have received my change of name kit today and am very happy.  It will give me hours more time to do something else as all the information kit is so useful and set out wonderfully. Thank you I will certainly recommend you to friends.


I really appreciated this service it has been a lot easier doing it this way


Great service – best $70 I’ve ever spent! Quality of info provided was great and very clearly set-out.


Your service was great. It saved me a trip to Newcastle and a lot of paperwork. If I knew it was so easy I would`ve changed my name years ago.


This has been a really helpful service.


Your company rocks!! I can’t wait until I use your services.


All the companies that I needed were on your site. I don’t feel that anything else needed to be added, I found your site really informative.


You have been more than helpful with all the information you have provided. I will certainly take advantage of your service.


I am really happy with the package that was sent to me, I appreciate all the thorough information and assistance in this, as it makes an unpleasant issue less difficult.


I think you are providing a great service, because even if I choose not to go ahead with my name change I know that I have looked at the possibility and will not regret my decision later on.  It gave me the opportunity to really evaluate my desire to change my name against the real or imagined need to change my name.


Thank you for the service your company has provided. I will recommend you people. You have made it very simple to do.


Your guide is excellent and has already made a formidable task less daunting.


I think your site covers the big hitters really well.  It is really easy to use and a great solution to my name changes.


Overall I found the service helpful.


It is such a brilliant site and I have recommended it to so many friends… they had no idea something like this existed.


I found this service very useful especially when one is time poor…. took me 8 years to get round to it … so great idea..


You have certainly helped me so much. I will certainly be using your service and I think I will purchase the premium package. It’s amazing how many things you have to change just because you get married.

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