5 Tips for Changing your Name after Marriage

5 Tips for Changing your Name after Marriage

5 Tips for Changing your Name after Marriage

Around 85 per cent of Australian brides go on to change their name after marriage. Taking your spouse's name is a custom and not required by law. However, brides are driven to this habit as most want to share the same name as their new family.

Your legal options for name change after marriage are:

  • Changing your surname to your partner’s. 
  • Taking a double barrelled surname (using both surnames, in any order and separated by either a space or hyphen). 
  • Leve your name as is and take no action.
  • Take a different surname. However this requires a legal name change with BDM.  

This all sounds rather straightforward, however brides experience a lot of paperwork and beauracracy in changing names. That’s why we listed our top tips to save time.

1. Updates in person - passport, driver’s license and banks

Start the name change process by updating your passport or driver’s license. A government issued photo ID (such as your passport or driver’s license) provides solid proof of your new name. Organisations are less likley to cause issues if you can show your name is already changed on photo ID. Banks with large branch networks always require you to attend any branch with photo ID and your original certificate.

2. Buy an Easy Name Change kit

This is dead easy and will save you the most amount of time as we'll take care of the rest! Get personalized and ready to send documents. Just add your certificate, sign and send! Save between 8 and 15 hours! 

3.  Work out how many copies of your marriage certificate you need

Want to DIY? Call each company and find out what proof you need and how to send it. For any companies requiring a marriage certificate, ask if it needs to be certified by a JP or other professional. Make the required number of copies and locate a JP. It's a good idea to get one or two extra certified copies if you can!

4. Write your letters & fill in forms

Most companies will need you to mail in your name change letter, or they may send you a form. Return these along with the required proof. Some companies may ask you to scan your certificate and email it. A handful of companies may let you change names over the phone.

Document overload

Most superannuation funds require a JP certified certificate to be mailed in. But for all other companies, there is no legal requirement on how you should change your name. This means that for each company there can be different forms to fill in and send, a different process, or varying proof of name change requirements. Make sure you ask what kind of proof you have to send and if it has to be certified. If in doubt it is best to include more evidence of your name change (eg: photocopy of updated drivers license), so that your name change is less likely to be rejected.

5. Set yourself a time limit

It's best that you set a time limit to get all the changes done. If you don't get it all done in one go, you could end up with various ID and accounts in different names. This can be very inconvenient! There's nothing more annoying than writing more name change letters a few years after your marriage.

Overwhelmed with the looming job of changing names? The experts at Easy Name Change provide their top tips for a smoother transition. We also have a the best tip for anyone wanting to save 8 hours!

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