Home Swapping for Honeymooners

Home Swapping for Honeymooners

Home Swapping for Honeymooners

We all know getting married is a costly exercise and for this reason it is not unusual to hear of newlyweds postponing their honeymoon or in some cases foregoing a honeymoon. At Easy Name Change we are always interested in innovative ways couple save money when getting married and we loved this idea – Home Swapping for your honeymoon. Well let’s just say we did not immediately love the idea as we had never heard of people home swapping for holidays; however after having a chat with Carolyn Russell from Swap St we were sold!

So what’s home swapping?

Well is a simple holiday alternative where people swap their homes for holidays locally or internationally to save money on accommodations costs - brilliant! Accommodation can be the most expensive part of your holiday and imagine what you could do on your honeymoon with extra cash to splash.

According to Carolyn home swapping offers the perfect opportunity for newlyweds to have an amazing holiday experience be it a beach side cottage, a home in the heart of Paris, a fully staffed Bali villa or for the more adventurous a home in a Cambodian Village. Staying in a home offers you privacy and all the comforts of home with often the use of the owner’s car, ski gear, paddle board, bikes etc. More money saved. 

More than just saving some cash

However, she shares, while the money saved is a massive drawcard, many home swappers acknowledge the experience of “living like a local” as the reason they love home swapping along with all the local tips and advice they get from their home swap partners. Local tips and advice would surely be a bonus for a time poor couple planning their honeymoon.

So while the home swap concept was new to us at Easy Name Change, home swapping, also referred to as home exchange, has been around for over 50 years (in those pre internet days home swaps were negotiated by snail mail!). Many enthusiastic swappers have participated in more than fifty successful exchanges both locally and internationally.

Great idea or does thought of swapping your much loved home with a perfect stranger seem completely insane! As an experienced home swapper Carolyn explains after several conversations and maybe a SKYPE call or two you can know more about your swappers than your neighbours. And of course as you are excitedly packing up to stay in their house, they are doing the same, and sharing the same concerns.

Get on it...

With the support from the team at Swap St you could be off on the honeymoon of a life time. So how do you go about home swapping? You need to join and list your property on a home swap website such as www.swapst.com.au (while an annual membership is $129.95, Swap St is offering a 6 month limited trial membership for $10), search for locations to swap with, negotiate a swap and then enjoy your holiday. Most sites will only allow fully registered members to contact each other, this keeps your details secure. Also do not be concerned that your average home located in the suburbs may not attract home swap requests, there are many people that travel to specific locations and your comfy family home may be just what they are looking for. 

On a final note, just to touch on that topic on everyone’s lips about 5 seconds after you say I do...yes - home swapping is also great for families.

Carolyn Russell, founder of Swap St www.swapst.com.au, provides her insights into home swapping and how this could be the next big thing for honeymooners.

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