Changing Your Name after Divorce or Separation

Changing Your Name after Divorce or Separation

Changing Your Name after Divorce or Separation

When you separate you may be inclined to revert back to your maiden name. The process of reverting back to your old name is the same no matter if you are divorced or separated.

If your divorce is issued by an Australian court, you will receive a divorce order which lists your married and former names. All organisations you accept your divorce order as evidence of your prior name. If you have lost your original divorce order you can request a new one from the Family Law Courts. We have full detailed in our kit.

If you are not yet divorced, simply provide proof of the link between your married name and prior name. This is really simple and most people would already have the documents required. Show your BDM issued birth certificate and and BDM wedding certificate. When sending out an Easy Name Change notification, we call this combination of documents your 'certificate'. For each of your selected organisations, we explain where to include originals, certified copies or photocopies of your BDM certificates or divorce order.

Do you have a more complicated history of names? If you've been known by a birth name, married name and more other names you will need documentation linking all of these names. These documents must have been issued by any Australian Births, Deaths and Marriages office (BDM), or from an Australian court. These documents will provide the evidence of the links between your names.

Once you have the right documents next you'll have to contact each necessary organisation to request your name is updated. First, change names on your passport and driver’s license. Having government issued photo ID in your new name can be helpful when you go to change names in other places.

Notifying and researching the name change process all other organisations takes around 8 hours. You'll need to call them, learn the procedure, and most often send in a letter or form with your proof of name change. Save yourself the hassle with an Easy Name Change Kit. We'll give you ready to send notifications, so you can just add your certificate, sign and send!

Our personalised name change kits provide all the letters, emails, forms and information immediately after checking out. If you can’t be bothered printing off all the paperwork, you can even opt to receive all your documents by mail, including matching envelopes. Easy Name Change has contacted all major Australian companies and explained what needs to be provided in order to change your name. All research is already done, and all you need to do is nominate the companies applying to your situation.

Although reverting back to your prior name may seem like a lot of work, we're here to make it much easier. And if you're not happy with our kit, we'll provide a full refund. 

Stumped about changing names after divorce or separation? You won't need any additional documents to revert to your priot name. Just attached your BDM marriage and birth certificates to our documents and send!

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