Husbands changing names

Husbands changing names

Husbands changing names

Congratulations on pioneering a growing trend to take your bride’s name. As each company has their own requirements for name change, the advice given to a groom changing names can be inconsistent between companies and government departments. 

The passport office does not discriminate and extends the same name change options to men after marriage. Update your passport first as this may make other changes easier down the track. 

Once you have your passport updated, take this along with your full wedding certificate to banks and your state road authority. You may also find inconsistency with who will allow you to change your name with this documentation so it is best to persist as name change advice can vary from person to person within the same company. Once you have your passport, driver’s license and bank details updated you should find most other companies will accommodate your change of name. 

Although you may find banks hesitant to change your account name, the irony is that you can open a new bank account in your new name. This can be inconvenient as you may already have direct debits already set up against your bank account. Previous Easy Name Change customers have contacted the right people within the bank and spoken of discrimination, after which banks were quick to allow account names to be changed.

To make the process easier, you can elect to undertake a legal name change with Births Deaths and Marriages. On presentation of a legal name change certificate you’ll be able to update your records without question. 

Are both husband and wife planning a name change?

As a couple you both may want a name other than yours or your husband's after marriage. It may be easier for your husband to undertake a legal name change before you both apply for your wedding license. To ensure enough time, allow at least 3 months from your application until you apply for a wedding license.

By the time of your wedding, your husband will have a new name. The bride can then assume his last name as per the standard marriage name change process.

How to notify companies of your new name

Easy Name Change kits are also suitable for grooms. Enter 'marriage' as your name change reason when building a kit. On our letters and faxes we include what documents to enclose. As you have a more unusual situation we recommend enclosing both your marriage certificate and copy of updated passport as proof that government agencies have accepted your name change.

We also have a cover letter editor. We recommend using this feature to explain you are a groom changing names and that you have an updated passport as evidence, along with your marriage certificate. If you're ready to start changing names, just click below.


While still uncommon, it's increasingly popular for men to take their wife's names after marriage. It's possible without needing a legal name change, but you may encounter some resistence.

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