Can I Keep My Maiden Name at Work?

If you’ve created a great professional reputation you may not want to be disconnected from it by changing names. This is common for academics, journalists, entertainers, business owners and anyone who relies on referrals for business.

When changing names from marriage you only assume your spouse’s surname. Your birth certificate does not change and you don’t give up the right to be known by your former name. This means you can be known by your former name at any time, no matter what the reason! You can still take your spouse’s surname on any or all of your official documents, like your passport, driver’s licence, banks, voter registration and superannuation but keep using your former name at work or with associates.


  • If you decide to change names, it is best to have all your records and ID consistently under the one name or else you may have problems proving identity.
  • Ensure you tell the HR office if your bank records or superannuation fund details are changed.
  • If you travel for work, the person doing the bookings must use the exact name that is in your current passport.

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