How to change names after marriage

Once you’ve been married and made the decision to change names it’s your responsibility to notify all necessary organisations of your new name. This includes getting your identification documents reissued and updating your accounts and memberships.

First, get your certificate

There are 2 parts to changing names. First, you need your marriage certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM). This is the only proof required to start using your new name, providing you take one of the standard married names. Taking your spouse’s surname after marriage is not a legal name change, you are simply assuming their name. Your birth certificate does not change and you can resume use of your former name at any time.

Then notify all your companies

Contact every organisation where you hold identification, an account or membership. Ask what procedure to follow as each company is different! You may need to send a letter, form, email or follow a different process. Organisations will also have different requirements on what proof they need. Some may need to sight your original certificate or maybe you can mail in a photocopy or certified copy. You may also be asked for a certified photo ID.

Save hours of pain!

Can’t be bothered waiting on hold and writing letters? We already have the name change procedures for over 800 Australian companies. Browse our database of over 800 companies broken up over 16 categories! Receive personalised and ready to send letters, forms and emails. Just sign and send!

Do it yourself

You’ll save a few bucks, but it will take weeks longer! Make a list of every organisation where you hold a record and set aside time to call each one to learn their process. You can use our free checklist builder so you don’t miss any companies. If possible, aim to do this on a mid-week morning when wait times aren’t so long. Some companies will send you their special name change forms, some will need you to send letters or emails. The research will take 5 to 6 hours, then allow another 2 or 3 hours to complete forms and write letters and emails. You’ll also need to head out with your marriage certificate and copies to get them certified.

The same process applies to everyone

No matter how you decide to get your research and paperwork done, follow these simple steps to start changing names:

  • Apply for your Marriage Certificate from BDM.
  • Visit road authorities and some larger banks in person to update your details, take your original marriage certificate!
  • Browse our database and choose which companies you need to notify! Get ready to send name change forms, letters and emails. Just sign and send! Or if you’re using our free checklist, set aside 8 hours for the research and paperwork.
  • Organisations usually update the name on your records within a week of receiving your name change requests, but Medicare, the ATO and passports take over a month. Most companies won’t confirm the change with you, so keep an eye out to make sure you see your new name when you log in or receive correspondence!


Ready to change your name now?