Husbands changing names

Congratulations on pioneering a growing trend to take your spouse’s name! Thanks to same-sex marriage laws in 2018 companies now readily accept married name change requests from anyone presenting an official Australian marriage certificate regardless of gender.

When you take your spouse’s surname after marriage it’s known as assuming their surname. This is not a legal name change and your Australian birth or citizenship certificate will not change. This means you can go back to your former name at any time, regardless of your personal situation. The only proof you need as evidence of your new married name is the official marriage certificate issued by Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you were married overseas you are not eligible to apply for an Australian marriage certificate so will need to apply for a legal name change in Australia, and if you were born here you’ll receive an amended birth certificate.

There’s generally no special order in which to update your accounts and identification, but most people like to get their photo ID updated first, as this can be used for changing names with some smaller companies, like your gym or local library. All state driver’s licences need to be updated in person, as do the larger banks. Whenever you go in person to update your name always be ready to show your original marriage certificate.

Are both spouses planning a name change?

As a couple, you both may want an entirely new surname. To save on legal name change fees, have one spouse change their name before applying for a wedding license. This new name will flow onto the wedding certificate. Once you are married the other spouse can assume the same surname simply by showing the official wedding certificate. Changing names on marriage also allows the individual to revert to their former name at any time, regardless of their marital status. Anyone who has legally changed names, they forgo the right to be known by their former name.

How to notify companies of your new name

Easy Name Change kits are suitable for everyone, regardless of your name change reason or gender. If you’re changing names from marriage, enter ‘marriage’ as your name change reason when prompted. Each of our ready to send letters, email and forms list what documents to enclose. If you’re ready to start changing names, just click the button below.


Ready to change your name now?