What Documents do I need?

Regardless if you are changing your name as a bride or groom, your Marriage Certificate is the only legal document you need to present as evidence of your name (if you change to one of the legally accepted married name options).

Almost all organisations will want to see your marriage certificate. This could be the original, a certified copy or a photocopy. Some companies may also need supporting identification such as a certified copy of government-issued photo ID. Some banks may require a statutory declaration and provide the template and wording for your stat dec.

Whenever you visit an office in person, like for your driver’s licence or bank, always take your original marriage certificate and photo ID. For smaller companies, like your library or doctor, you can usually just show an updated photo ID.

There are only 2 ways to find out what supporting documents each organisation will need to see. The first way is to do the leg work yourself. Call each organisation and ask what proof they need. This usually takes several hours, plus time to complete forms and write letters. If you just want your paperwork done for you then purchase an Easy Name Change kit. Receive ready to send name change notifications listing what proof documents to include. Go one better with the certified kit – if you can’t be bothered finding someone to certify your proof documents then we provide J.P. certified copies, check your forms and send them off for you!

Ready to start changing names?

You only need your official marriage certificate to get started! If you don’t have it yet we can provide links on how to order or the application form. You need about 10 minutes to build your kit. It’s free to see who we cover, so jump into our database and tell us which records you need to update. Just click the button below to get started.


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