Centrelink Name Change

Centrelink Name Change

Centrelink Name Change


Centrelink usually only allow name change in person, however Due to covid-19, the identification process has changed. The new process allows customers to have their identity confirmed over the phone and applies to both new customers as well as change of name for existing Centrelink customers who have a CRN (Customer Reference Number).

You will need an updated Australian driver's licence or passport and/or will be asked to provide the registration number from the Births Deaths and Marriages document that you use to evidence the change. Centrelink can verify these documents remotley. You may be asked for additional evidence of identity documents depending on your situation. 

Need to change names in a number of places?

Just because your name is updated with Centrelink does not mean any other records change. Medicare, driver's licence, passport, ATO, Super and all other records will remain as is. You need to reach out to each organisation directly and learn what process to follow, what proof is needed and where to send it. All these organisations have long wait times due to the increased demands on customer service departments. Save yourself hours of waiting on hold and figuring out what to send where. Get ready to send name change forms, letters and emails for all your companies in just 10 minutes. Then you can just sign and send! Get started here.


Can you make a Centrelink claim in your former name?

Perhaps you have not been able to get through to Centrelink to request your name is changed? Or you may have changed names in a number of places except Centrelink. Can you still make a claim? Yes, if your name change involves adding or removing your spouse's surname you can make a Centrelink claim in either name. That's because a married name is an assumed name, meaning your birth name and your married names are both yours to use for the rest of your life, regardless of your personal situation. You can make a claim with Centrelink using the name that Centrelink currently has on file. Be sure your bank details are current, and this can be easily changed online through the Centrelink Plus app. You can then update your name once wait times are reduced. 

If you have legally changed names you have renounced the right to be known by your former name so you should continue to try getting through to Centrelink to have your name updated.   

Questions about changing names?

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Need to change names with Centrelink? Usually you are required to attend a Centrelink office in person, however there is a temporary process change. If you can't get through to Centrelink you may be able to make a claim under either name.

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