ATO Name Change

ATO Name Change

ATO Name Change

The Australian Tax Office should be notified when changing names. You can update your name over the phone, by mail or in person

Change names with the ATO over the phone

Change names over the phone by calling 13 28 65 during business hours. You will be asked to provide information to verify your identity, so before calling ensure you have the following information at hand;


  • Australian birth certificate
  • Australian citizenship certificate
  • Australian passport
  • Australian license
  • Australian Medicare card
  • Australian marriage certificate, issued by BDM
  • Australian change of name certificate.

Change names with the ATO by mail or in person

Return the 'ATO Change of Details for Individuals' form with certified copies of the documents listed on the form. The form is available for download from the ATO website, and is also available in all Easy Name Change kits.

You may instead visit any ATO shopfront with your original certificate and photo ID to have your name changed on the spot.

Need to change names anywhere else?

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The Australian Tax Office does not need to be immediately notified when you change your name. Your name change will be registered by the ATO on your next tax return. 

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