Medicare Name Change

Medicare Name Change

Medicare Name Change

All name changes must be done in person at a Medicare office. Take your original BDM marriage, divorce, amended birth or name change certificate with you, plus your current Medicare card. There's no forms or paperwork required. 

A name change on your Medicare card may coincide with a change of circumstances. If you have ended a relationship or just married you may want to change who appears on the same Medicare card. For example, on separation a couple may no longer want to be on the same card. On marriage, a couple may both want to be on the same card. The benefit of having multiple people listed on one card is so that Medicare benefits can be paid to any person whose name appears on the card. While you can transfer people on or off your Medicare card using the form we provide in your Easy Name Change kit and return by mail, you will need to attend an office in person if you want to change names, so a trip to Medicare is often inevitable.

Changing names anywhere else?

If you're changing names with Medicare, you probably need to change names with many other organisations, such as the ATO, passport, drivers license, banks and more. Get ready to send forms, emails and letters in just minutes! It's free to build your kit. We're so sure we'll save you hours that we'll fully refund your money if your're not happy for any reason.



You can only change names with Medicare in person. Attend any Medicare office in person. If you're just married or separated the Medicare transfer form may be just what you need.

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