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50+ government listings
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  • Medicare
  • Driver's license
  • Passport & more!
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  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Superannuation
  • Utilities & more!

It's free to update your passport provided you do so within one year of your wedding or divorce. Your passport will be updated with your new name, however the expiry date will remain as per your existing passport. If you have legally changed names, are reverting to your maiden name without divorce or have less than 2 years validity remaining you must apply for a 10 year replacement passport and full fees are payable.

Free service – keeping current expiry date

This is only available if you are changing your name within a year of your marriage or divorce order.  Your passport expiry date will remain unchanged. Applications must be written on an original passport application form, which can be obtained at any Post Office. You are unable to complete your application online. All applicants will also need to lodge their application at the post office. Interview times can be arranged by calling 13 7678.

Renewing your passport for another 10 years

Pay the replacement fee and renew your passport for another 10 years by completing the application online. Always check online for the latest fees.  If you prefer you can pick up a passport application form at a post office.  You will also need to have a brief passport interview regardless if you choose to enter your details online or on a paper copy.

If you are legally changing your name you will need to renew your passport.  The full fee is payable and no concessions are given for validity of your prior passport. Fill out your passport application at

Got a whole lot of other companies to notify?

If you're changing names, chances are you have 15-20 other companies to notify. Let us provide you with everything you need; company specific name change forms, ready to send letters and faxes and comprehensive name change procedures for hundreds of Australian organisations. We also provide our name change guide which steps you through the process and a personalised checklist. We can even print it all and deliver to your door. 



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