Obtaining a Child’s Passport where a Parent has Changed their Name

There are often circumstances where one parent has changed their name since their child was born. Often having a different name from your child can cause confusion with schools, other parents and medical professionals. There may be some instances where it is worth considering changing a child’s name to have the name of the primary caregiver. See our section on changing a child’s name.

You may find yourself applying for a passport for your child where you have a different name (ie: you have been remarried since your child was born). Save yourself the hassle of having to come back with additional proof, and go for your passport interview with everything needed.

To apply for a child’s passport and sign as the parent you will need to present documents proving the link between the parent’s old and new names and the child’s name. This is usually the child’s birth certificate (listing your name at their birth) together with proof of your name change. This could be your marriage certificate, change of name certificate or amended birth certificate. Certified copies are usually acceptable, but original documents are best. This documentation can simply be shown during the child’s passport interview.

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