Changing Names in Western Australia

Changing Names in Western Australia

Changing Names in Western Australia

If you live in Western Australia we can help you with your name change. No matter what your reason for changing names we've got you covered. Our personalised name change service provides the application forms for your WA marriage certificate or legal name change application.

Need to notify a bunch of companies about your new name? We've got you covered here too. We'll provide a ready to send letter, email, fax or any custom name change forms your companies may require. We provide comprehensive name change procedures for hundreds of Australian companies, including local organisations like Bank West, Synergy and Western Power, as well as national organisations like AAMI and ING Superannuation.

Just looking for information? Check the links at the top for information for marriage name change, divorce or separation name change or legal name change. Ready to start changing names now? Check our free kit preview so you can see just how comprehensive and time saving you can expect our service to be.


Whether you are changing your name via marriage, legal name change or separation, Easy Name Change provides you with all the information you need to change your name in Western Australia.

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