Easy Name Change Victoria

Easy Name Change Victoria

Easy Name Change Victoria

If you live in Victoria and need to change names we can help. We provide loads of hard to find information for marriage name change, divorce name change, reverting to your prior name and legal name change.

Our personalised service allows you to select the application forms if you don't yet have your marriage certificate or legal name change certificate. If you already have this document then you can start updating all your records using our ready to send forms, letters and emails. Our database has hundreds of Australian companies listed and it's free to browse our database of listings. Of any of your companies needs you to send a special name change form we'll provide it.

We can provide name change paperwork and procedures for local organisations such as Bendigo Bank, RACV and Linkt, as well as national organisations like Medicare and GIO. All kits come with our Easy Name Change Guide which explains how to change your name and your name change options.

Our standard and premium kit allow you to select the same companies and contain the same information. If you have a printer save money with the standard kit, only delivered by email. If you don't have a printer or have a large number of companies and want to save the most time then order the premium kit. We'll print all your forms and letters, plus the Easy Name Change Guide and send it to you in a handy folder along with all the envelopes you'll need. Ready to start changing names now? Just click the button below to get started.


Whether you are changing your name via marriage, legal name change or separation, Easy Name Change provides you with all the information you need to change your name in Victoria.

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