Communications Name Change Procedure

Updating your Exetel account should be a priority after renewing your driver’s licence and passport, as other organisations may require a utility bill in your new name and current residential address to validate your name change request or the opening of a new account.

Exetel makes it easy for its customers to change names. Simply send an email with all the necessary details. Don’t want to wait on hold while you figure out what proof to include and where to send your email? Then let Easy Name Change do the hard work for you! We provide ready to send emails, forms and letters along with detailed filing procedures for over 500 Australian companies!

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Simply choose which organisations you need to notify, such as Exetel, your credit card, insurance company, super fund and hundreds more! We then send you a personalised pack of notifications that you can just sign and send! For companies that don’t allow name change in writing, we let you know what process to follow so you don’t need to waste time on hold.


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