Communications Name Change Procedure

Hey there! If you’re thinking of changing your name with communication providers, it can be a bit tricky. You’ve got to make sure you’re not transferring ownership of your account, but just changing your name.

If you’re a customer with iiNet and you’ve changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or a legal name change, it’s actually super easy to update your info with them! You only need to send an email with a reference number that will help them to locate your account. The reference number can be found on any order confirmations and/or invoices issued by iiNet. Easy Name Change customers can simply send the ready to forward email.

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It’s super important to let iiNet know as soon as you can. Other organisations might need to see a utility bill in your new name and your current address before they’ll approve your name change application or a new account.

Now, here’s the kicker – most communication providers don’t have their name change procedure online. So, you might have to set aside around 20 minutes to call them up and wait on hold. If you’re looking for the name change procedure for iiNet, we can help! Easy Name Change can tell you if you need to send an email, a letter, or fill out a form. We’ll even write the letter for you and give you any forms you need to fill out. Plus, our name change notifications are already written in your name, ready to sign and send. No more waiting on hold or googling for answers.

Our personalised name change kits let you choose from over 500 Aussie organisations, including iiNet, so you don’t have to do any more research. It only takes 15 minutes to customize your kit, and it’ll be emailed to you right after you pay. That means you don’t have to wait on hold for iiNet to pick up the phone. You can have your personalised Easy Name Change kit delivered quicker than that!


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