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Financial Name Change Procedure

If you need to change your name with American Express (Australia), there’s an easy way to do it. You can use the Easy Name Change letter, which is already pre-written in your name and all you need to do is sign your old and new name. You’ll also need to attach a certified copy of your proof of name change, which can be your marriage certificate or legal name change certificate issued by Births Deaths and Marriages or your updated driver’s licence or passport.

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Another option is to log into your Amex account and request the change there. Just upload a certified copy of your proof and you’re good to go.

Easy Name Change can also help you with name changes for hundreds of other Australian companies. Instead of spending weeks doing research and paperwork, we provide you with all the information and forms you need in just 10 minutes!

There’s no need to contact each company one by one to find out their process and look for forms. Our service takes care of all the paperwork for you! Just be aware that not all companies allow name changes to be sent in writing. We’ll let you know which companies need you to visit in person, where to call, and which accounts to log into.

When changing your name, there’s no special order you need to follow. You can update the name on your credit cards before or after your driver’s licence. Just make sure you get your name changed on all your cards, identification, and accounts within a few weeks. It can become difficult if your name change is dragged out over months, especially when you need to prove your identity.


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