Financial Name Change Procedure

Complete the Bankwest Change of Name Statement form, provided in your Easy Name Change kit, or else contact Bankwest for the form to be sent directly to you. The form needs to be taken in person to any branch. Take your government-issued photo ID and your original BDM-issued proof of name change (e.g. marriage certificate, revised birth certificate or change of name certificate).

Unable to visit a Bankwest branch? Return the form using the Easy Name Change mailing slip along with original certified copies of your current identification and proof of name change. Not sure how to certify your documents? Consider purchasing an Easy Name Change Certified kit.

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No matter if you’ve changed names from marriage, legally changed names or are reverting to your prior name, chances are you’ll have around 15-20 organisations to notify. To manage your own name change, make a detailed list of all the organisations you need to change names with, set aside half a day (preferably in the mornings when wait times are less) and contact each listed company. You may be asked to return a form, send a letter, an email or visit in person. It’s best to change names everywhere within a couple weeks as you can have issues when proving your identity. Easy Name Change can provide you with all the necessary paperwork, pre-populated and ready to send, so you can save half a day or research and paperwork.

It’s free to browse our database with over 500 organisations. Simply select which companies you need to update records with, then we’ll provide you with step by step procedures and any necessary paperwork. Just sign and send!


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