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Financial Name Change Procedure

Changing your name with financial institutions can be a bit of a process, as it usually requires extra effort and proof of identity to make sure your account is safe from identity theft. To update your Bendigo Bank account with your new name, you’ll need to head to your local branch with either the original or certified copy of your BDM certificate.

If you’ve changed your name due to marriage, divorce, or separation, you might have to let around 15 organisations know about it, including Bendigo Bank. But who has the time or patience to make 15 phone calls and wait on hold forever? That’s where we come in – we can provide you with all the necessary name change notifications, personalised just for you and ready to sign and send.

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

So skip the hassle of calling up Bendigo Bank to figure out how to update your account. We’ve got you covered with all the name change procedures, information, letters, forms, and emails you need, and we’ll get it to you faster than Bendigo Bank can even pick up the phone.


Ready to change your name now?

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