Ignite Credit Card

Financial Name Change Procedure

Changing your name with financial institutions typically requires a lot of effort and proof of identity to ensure the safety of your account from identity theft. If you’re looking to change the name on your Westpac Ignite Mastercard account, the process is usually not available online. Instead, you’ll need to either call them and wait on hold or visit a Westpac branch in person.

In the event that you’re changing your name due to marriage, divorce, or separation, you’ll likely need to notify around 15 other organisations, including Westpac Ignite. However, you don’t have to make 15 separate phone calls and wait on hold with each company. We can provide you with all the necessary name change notifications in your name, ready for you to sign and send.

So, rather than calling Westpac Ignite to inquire about updating your Mastercard account, you can obtain all the relevant name change procedures, information, letters, forms, and emails in a shorter amount of time than it would take for Westpac Ignite to answer the phone.

Ready to change your name now?

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