Marriott Bonvoy

Loyalty Clubs Name Change Procedure

To change names on your Marriot Bonvoy account simply send an email. You will need to include your Marriot Bonvoy account number, full old and new names, and mailing address on the Marriot Bonvoy account and attach a copy of your Births, Deaths and Marriages certificate and a copy of your passport or driver’s licence.

Whatever your reason for changing names, you’ll need to notify all the organisations where you hold an account, identification or membership, and the procedure won’t be as straightforward as it is for Marriot Bonvoy.

The typical person has around 15 organisations to notify of their new name, and it’s a time-consuming task to get all the contact details, call around, and then write name change notification letters. Why not have Easy Name Change take care of all your name change research and notifications? We write personalised name change letters and emails in your name, pre-addressed and ready to send. If any of your organisations have a special name change form we also include it. No more calling around, waiting on hold, no need to write a letter or even address an envelope!

We’ll provide detailed instructions for changing your name with Marriot Bonvoy, as well as any necessary letters, forms, or emails required for changing names with over 500 Australian organisations. Kits take about 15 minutes to customise and are delivered within minutes of payment.

Ready to change your name now?

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