Priceline Sister Club

Loyalty Clubs Name Change Procedure

Updating the name on your Priceline Sister Club account is simple as loyalty club records are not linked to other accounts or financial information. Simply log in to your Sister Club account to update your name and other personal information. Alternatively, you can update your personal information in-store.

If you’re changing your name for any reason, you’ll need to inform all the organisations where you hold an account, identification or membership. However, the process can be less straightforward compared to Priceline Sister Club. Typically, an individual has to notify around 15 organisations, which can be a time-consuming task as it requires finding the contact details, calling around and writing name change notification letters.

To make things easier, why not let Easy Name Change take care of all your name change research and notifications? We offer a service where we write personalised name change letters and emails in your name, pre-addressed and ready to send. We also include any special name change forms for any of your organisations. This means no more waiting on hold, no need to write a letter or even address an envelope!

See how much time we can save you!

1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

We can provide you with detailed instructions on changing your name with Priceline Sister Club, as well as any necessary letters, forms, or emails required for changing names with over 500 Australian organisations. Our kits take around 15 minutes to customise and are delivered within minutes of payment.


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