AMP Superannuation

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

Need to change names on your AMP Superannuation policy? Sign the AMP Change of Personal Details form, included in your Easy Name Change kit, or else contact AMP and request you are sent a copy of the form. The form should be returned using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change letter, along with certified proof of identity documents. Check the letter or form for the full list of what documents are accepted.

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If you have more than one super policy, now is a good time to consolidate your super. If you try to roll over super funds after your name has been changed you may find yourself needing to prove your identity again when the names on your policies don’t match,

We can provide name change forms, plus ready to send letters and emails for hundreds of Australian companies. Simply select which companies you need to change names with, and then we’ll send you each company’s comprehensive name change process, plus any ready to send name change paperwork if your companies accept name change requests in writing.


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