Brighter Super (prev. known as LGIA super)

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

Brighter Super recommends using its online services for account updates and requests. Change your name online by logging in to the Brighter Super Member Online account. If you are our customer, simply send the Easy Name Change ready to forward email along with your certified copies of the required documents.

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Many individuals forget to update their superannuation after a name change, causing the process to drag out over months or even years. To streamline the process and ensure all your important records are updated in one go, consider using our name change service. With just a few basic contact details and your full old and new names, our service enables you to browse our extensive database and identify all the organisations that need to be notified of your name change. We’ll then take care of everything else, from providing letters or emails for you to send, to sourcing any special name change forms required by Brighter Super or other organisations.

While we can’t sign your old and new names, we can save you around six hours of time-consuming phone calls and letter writing. Our personalised name change kits include comprehensive procedures for over 500 Australian companies, giving you the confidence to manage your own name change and ensure all necessary updates are made.


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