Superannuation Name Change Procedure

If you’re a Care Superannuation member and have recently changed names, you’ll need to update your policy. Complete the CareSuper name change form, included in your Easy Name Change kit. We pre-populate the form with all your name change details. We also provide a pre-addressed mailing slip, so you can just sign your form and send it!

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1 Select companies   2 Complete forms  3 Sign & send!

Easy Name Change provides detailed name change procedures for over 500 Australian companies. Simply select the companies you need to notify, and then we’ll send you detailed name change information for all your selected companies. If any have a special form, or require a letter or email, we’ll write it for you, pre-addressed to each company. Save yourself over 8 hours of waiting on hold, completing forms and learning what to send where. Our kits have everything you need to change names quickly.

Want to manage your own name change? Call CareSuper and ask for them to post you the member’s name change form. You’ll also need to call around 15 or so other companies to learn the process, then complete any forms and write letters. We recommend setting aside a mid-week morning so you can do all your research when wait times are not as long.


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