Catholic Super

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

Need to change names with Catholic Super? Regardless if you are married, reverting to your prior name or legally changing names, Catholic Super members must have the Change of Membership Details form completed, your original signature in ink, and then the form returned with a certified copy of your BDM-issued proof of name change document. This may be your marriage certificate, legal name change certificate or an amended birth certificate. If reverting to your prior name, include both your BDM-issued marriage and birth certificates.

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The Change of Membership Details form is included in your Easy Name Change kit, or else call Catholic Super and request the form is sent to you. if you don’t feel like waiting on hold with the 10 or 20 necessary organisations to learn what to send where, consider an Easy Name Change kit. We provide company specific forms and ready to send name change letters and emails for over 500 Australian companies. We provide detailed instructions on changing names and pre-addressed paperwork, so you can just sign and send!


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