Commonwealth Super Scheme CSS

Superannuation Name Change Procedure

If you’re a Commonwealth Superannuation Scheme (CSS) member, you’ll need to update your policy if you have recently changed names. Take the pre-populated CSS Change of Personal Details form to your HR department and request they lodge it on your behalf, or mail the form in using the pre-addressed Easy Name Change letter.

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You’ll need to provide a certified copy of your name change document. Full details on the professionals who can certify your document and what they should write are listed in the Easy Name Change guide, included in all kits.

Easy Name Change provides pre-completed company-specific name change forms for a range of companies. Simply select who you need to notify from our database of over 500 listings. We’ll then send you step by step name change instructions for each company. We also provide ready to send forms, letters and emails for any of your companies that allow name change in writing. In many cases, you can just sign and send!


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