Utilities Name Change Procedure

If you want to change your name with utility companies such as Alinta, the procedure can differ. Some may require you to send a letter, while others might ask for an email or have a dedicated form. In some cases, they may allow you to change your name over the phone, but you’ll need to verify your identity first.

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You’ll likely need to notify around 15 other companies, including your bank, super fund, credit card providers, and more if you’re changing your name with Alinta. However, each organisation has its unique procedure, so you’ll have to call each one to find out what it is, and then send the necessary notification, which can take up to five hours.

But, you can make things simpler for yourself by purchasing an Easy Name Change kit. We’ve already researched the name change procedures for over 500 Australian organisations. Just give us your contact details and tell us who you need to notify, and we’ll take care of everything else, including the research and administration. If you need to send a letter, email, or form, we’ll provide it for you. In most cases, all you’ll need to do is sign your old and new name, attach the required documentation, and send it off. It’s that easy and quick.

So, don’t waste any more time figuring out the name change procedures for Alinta. By the time they answer the phone, you could already be printing off letters, emails, and more!


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