Can you post my kit?

Can you post my kit?

Can you post my kit?

Don't have a printer? Or your printer is playing up? We can help.  Easy Name Change offers three levels of kits, standard and premium and certified. The standard kit is only sent by email so you'll need a printer. All customers can upgrade by only paying the difference.

What is the difference between a standard and premium kit?

These kits contain exactly the same documents, forms and information, however the premium kit is also printed and posted. Premium customers can expect to receive a printed copy of all their personalised emails, letters, forms, plus all the envelopes you'll need. All customers recieve Easy Name Change Guide and a personalised checklist so you can be sure you don't miss anything. If you have bought a standard kit you can upgrade by only paying the difference. Before customers can send their notifications they will need to find a JP or authorized professional to certify their marriage or name change certificate.

What is the certified kit?

The certified kit is printed and posted, just like the standard kit, but you only need to sign the documents and return to us, along with your original BDM certificate. We'll check your documents before sending. We will also arrange for JP certified copies of your certificate. We'll attach these to your notifications and send for you. Once we've notified all the companies we can, we'll return your certificate and provide you with a checklist of any places where you need to follow up. 

I bought a standard kit, can you post it?

Yes we can. When we print and post a standard kit it is the same as a premium kit, so you will need to upgrade by paying the difference. The additional cost of materials, labour and postage is reflected in the price.

To upgrade, log back into Easy Name Change using your same email address and password and proceed to checkout. Purchase our Premium kit then request a refund on your standard kit. Otherwise you can reply to any of our emails and we can talk you through other options. 

If you need documents posted you'll need to purchase a premium or certified kit.  If you've bought the wrong kit you can still upgrade for only the difference. Both kits come with prepaid and preaddressed envelopes for each company. Only the certified kit is truely ready to send, as you won't need to find a JP to certify your identification.