How Do I notify Companies of My New Name?

How Do I notify Companies of My New Name?

How Do I notify Companies of My New Name?

Where to change names in person  

Companies have a range of name change procedures. Most government agencies and banks require you to attend an office in person as a representative will need to see your certificate and record your new signature.

By mail, fax or form

Many Canadian companies require name changes in writing. You may be provided with  special form, or else be required to send in a letter or fax. We can provide all the name change paperwork for hundreds of Canadian companies. When sending your name change request in writing you are usually required to send proof. We can let you know which companies need what documents sent. Click below to get your paperwork.

Other name change procedures

Each company sets their own procedure for changing names, so you may need to call up, go online or follow a different procedure. To save yourself hours of ringing around to learn each company's name change procedure, just click the button above to get comprehensive name change procedures for over 600 Canadian companies.


Each company sets their own procedure for name change.  Sometimes you need to send your request in writing or via a special form. Other times you will be able to change your name over the phone or online.

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