Marriage Name Change Advice

Marriage Name Change Advice

Marriage Name Change Advice

Once the big question is popped, a bride will take up a whole lot of issues surrounding the marriage. One of the choices that you will have to make is what to do with your surname. In Canada, there are several options for changing your name and possibilities to start the process. Name change kits are becoming increasingly popular as they grow to include virtually all the companies and places where a bride would need to change names after marriage. Brides using name change kits save themselves the hassle of researching the procedure with each company and writing name change requests.

As a bride, you have several legal options for taking a new name after marriage. First and most popular is to change your surname to your partner’s surname. Second, you can opt for a double barrelled or hyphenated surname, where your husband’s name is added to your own. You may decide to keep both your maiden and your married name at different places. This might be convenient for women who, for instance, have already set up a career or reputation under their maiden name. Finally, you can decide to not change your name and leave it as it is. 

If you decide to change your name, you will be assuming your partner’s name, meaning your name does not legally change. Therefore, no formal application is needed and you can easily revert back to your maiden name if required. The name change gurus at Easy Name Change Canada outline the 5 steps a bride can follow in order to change her name.

1.    Obtain your marriage certificate

Most organisations will change your name on their accounts and memberships on presentation of your wedding certificate. You can obtain your official marriage certificate from the Vital Statistics Agency. Please note that the statement of marriage from the person who performed the ceremony might not be accepted as proof of change with some government agencies as it is not as consistently formatted and may not contain the same information as a government issued certificate.

2.    Your personalised checklist

Once you have obtained your marriage certificate, you’ll need to make a long list of every possible place you can think to change names. If you have only 10 organizations, you can save money by doing this yourself. If you have more than 10 places to change names with, an Easy Name Change Kit will save you between 4-8 hours of research. You’ll receive a customized checklist listing each company you’ve selected and their name change process, plus any corresponding paperwork.

3.    Updates done in person

We advise you to start off with the name changes that have to be done in person, such as your bank accounts and your driver’s license. Also, it is recommended that you change your passport and/or driver’s license first so you have updated photo ID. Some companies will request this instead of a marriage certificate. You are always required you to show your original marriage certificate and occasionally photo ID when changing names in person.

4.    Send name change notifications by fax or mail

Many companies need your name change request to be sent in writing by fax or mail. If you didn’t order a name change kit, you’ll need to call each company on your checklist and ask the procedure, mailing address or fax number and proof of name change document. Set aside half a day to get this out of the way. Once you have your letters written, or have printed off the letters sent by Easy Name Change, you can just sign, add the proof document at the bottom of each letter or fax, and send.

5.    Notify other companies

You can update your name with smaller companies on your next visit, or it may not matter if your records are updated at all. These companies include your local library, sports clubs, alumni, church, wine club and more.

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